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An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) aims to support employees affected by personal, family and/or work related issues. Informal, confidential face-to-face counselling sessions are offered and aimed to assist you to clarify the issue, identify options and develop strategies to approach future concerns.

Referrals to Employee Assistance Program
Employees may access services with Psychology One if their employer has an EAP agreement with Psychology One. If your employer does have an EAP agreement with us, there are a number of ways to access EAP, such as self-referral, referral through your manager or supervisor, or referral through your EAP Coordinator. Your employer may recommend EAP counselling for you. However, counselling is voluntary and you can access the counselling program in your own time.

If you are an employer who would like to discuss an
EAP agreement with Psychology One,
please contact us on 4947 4844 or
by email at

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Psychology One is
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confidential clinical services
to individuals, families
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