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MEDICARE - Better Access to Mental Health Program

Psychologists under Medicare can provide approved focused psychological strategies for a broad range of commonly experienced mental health problems including depression, anxiety, panic, grief, loss and trauma related conditions. Approved treatments include interpersonal therapy, cognitive-behaviour therapy, relaxation and stress management techniques, skills training including problem solving skills, anger management and communication skills. Please feel free to ask us any questions about your treatment at any time.

Referrals under Medicare
Psychological treatment under Medicare involves a collaborative approach between your GP and Psychologist. To be referred under Medicare you will need to be assessed by your GP and your GP will complete a Mental Health Care Plan. This involves an assessment, identification of your needs and setting goals for your treatment and ongoing management. Your GP can then write a referral to Psychology One who has Medicare accredited psychologists to provide this treatment. The psychologist will write a report to your GP at the conclusion of your treatment.

Number of Sessions
Clients are eligible for up to ten individual counselling sessions in a calendar year under the Better Access to Mental Health program (ie. Medicare). After six sessions your GP will review your progress and decide if further sessions are required.

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